sunday fork on the road

fork on the road signfork on the road - how many people in this photo are staring at me while i take the picture?
Today was Fork on the Road at The Depot...

Ma and I went down for lunch, and I took my camera along.

even before burger theory opened there was a linefringetix on the water?
Even before Burger Theory was opened for business, there was already a queue forming... and there was always a line the whole time we were there.

fork on the road - before the peoplesfork on the road - after the peoples
There actually weren't that many people milling around when we first got there just around noon, but it didn't take too long before it started to filled up.

Fortunately, the more people that seemed to turn up the more chairs they put out, which was good.

golden pastizziarchie the pastizzi bus
I started off with a couple of pastizzis from a new kid on the block, Archie The Pastizzi Bus... I've had the kind that you get from the freezer section of the supermarket, but I've never had fresh ones...

They're good... golden, flaky and filled with a range of things (mine were traditional ricotta and chicken with mushroom)... hopefully Archie starts appearing more often.

i'm guessing it's all ten dollarsthe sneaky pickle sample plate
Ma opted for the Sneaky Pickle tasting plate, as she's never had them before.

I actually wish that they did things in the tasting plate scale more often, they'd be so much easier to eat, and I could probably be tempted by a range of smaller options more frequently.

pick your poison from the little van that couldsky sphere
Then we swung by The Little Van That Could for some refreshing beverages.

I went with their Ginger Ade while Ma opted for Lime Ade. Weirdly I got more of a ginger hit when I stopped using the straw... but it was very tasty.

shoeless blonde with guitartasty chicken on a stick
You wouldn't think that this Chicken On A Stick from Sep-Lai would have taken a long time, but they were having trouble with their grill, so we had a chance to rest between food choices.

And the chicken was worth the wait... it just looks like, you know, chicken... but it was really tasty and full of slightly spicy flavours.

chicken mole from tacocattacocat retro
As usual, I like to stop by Tacocat and pick up one of their tasty little tacos...

This time it was  the Chicken Mole... mmmm, taco goodness.

faded fringemacaron man goodies
Ma wanted to stop by The Macaron Man to pick up some... well, macarons.

She grabbed me a lemon one and a peanut butter too... normally I'm not a giant fan of the macaron, and these did end up a little bit crushed by the time I ate them, but they weren't bad... especially the lemon one.

rockmelon and lime loca popma will enjoy freaking out her workmates with this
The Damn The Man Night Market was also running... the "night" part notwithstanding, obviously... and Ma decided that she need to have one of these porcelain doll head planters for her desk at work... this one was called "Scout" (it had the nicest plant, to be honest)...

She does like to freak her workmates out...

Our last stop was Loca Pops... I went with the Rockmelon and Lime, which was full of lime zest and only got stronger as it went along. Ma decided on the Chocolate and Chilli which she said was subtle to start with, but the chilli kicked in as she went along.

fork on the road naperywatching me watching him
And then we left and went to Haighs to buy Easter Eggs... and it turns out that Sunday afternoon is the perfect time for that, since the store was relatively empty.

I have very much enjoyed all of the Fork on the Road gatherings... I'm definitely hoping they continue or return in the future.

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