it's my (35th) birthday

it's my birthday!You say it's your birthday/It's my birthday too, yeah

Woohoo... it's my birthday.

It's not quite as exciting as my last birthday (but then waking up in another city on your birthday is pretty hard to top)... but, still.

Fortunately the weather likes me... after a week of slightly warmer weather today is currently very grey and raining... woohoo, just how I like it.

Oh, and in my ongoing birthday theme of famous people who's birthdays I share... I also happen to share it with Sir Michael Caine (I'd do a "My name is Michael Caine" joke, but it really doesn't work without the accent... Sugarmonkey and I do it quite a lot when we've been drinking).

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Victor said...

Many happy returns, Yani.

Sunshine said...

Happy birthday, yani!!! Another year wiser? :)

Bodhi said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Yani
Happy Birthday to you!


Have a great day sweetie :-)

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great Birthday, Yani!

Tom said...

Happy Birthday!

yani said...

Thanks everybody :)

And Sunshine... probably not, no :P


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