fringe: stuart lightbody's stuperstition

stuart lightbody's stuperstition
There's always a point in any magician's show where you go "how in the world did he DO that"...

And in Stuart Lightbody's show, Stuperstition, there were more than a few.

Even the ones that you think you can sort of work out are still astonishing when you factor in how well Lightbody has to read an audience in order to make the majority of the tricks work. And that in itself is almost more impressive than the individual tricks.

But if there is one thing that Lightbody clearly knows how to do, it's work an audience... in the best possible way. Although on this particular occasion, I think he may have picked a few people from the audience who weren't necessarily the brightest apples on the tree.

The fact that he's both very charming and quite attractive (the photo doesn't really do him justice) doesn't hurt either.

Sometimes you feel like he's letting you in on the trick (there is one trick where everyone in the audience except for the on-stage volunteer is in on the trick, which was great)... or at least letting you in on how the trick would be done by someone who didn't want you to know that you were being tricked. But more often than not you just can't quite believe what you've seen.

Sadly this was his last Fringe show for this year, but hopefully he'll be back next year, as he's well worth seeing.

Oh, and if you think hiding up the back will save you from audience participation, think again...

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