very bare saturday shopping

weirdest supermarket ever
This is probably my least favourite weekend of the year... it's much worse than the weekend before Christmas, and at no other time of the year is there just SO MUCH stuff happening.

There's the Fringe, there's the Festival, there's the Clipsal 500, tomorrow is Soundwave... so there's noise and people and stuff everywhere.

Although usually we don't head into the city on that particular Saturday (other than if there's a Fringe show).

But there wasn't a whole lot of anything else going on.

We did the usual things in the morning... I changed my bed, we went to the supermarket and wandered about a bit and then came back to unpack.

Then we decided to head into town.

I'm not really sure why... we didn't really have any plan... but it was better than sitting around trying to work out what to do.

Walking down Rundle Street was a little bit like swimming against a current of testosterone... all the little Clipsal bogans, in their team affiliated shirts and lanyards...

If I live to be 105 I don't think I'll ever understand that...

Anyway... we so very much didn't have a plan that we ended up just walking from one end of the Mall to the other, sitting around outside the Myer Centre while trying to work out what to do, then giving up and heading back down the Mall.

But if there's one thing guaranteed to get me to stop and pay attention, it's a well shaped guy in a striped lycra one-piece standing on his hands showing off his butt.

And that's exactly what we found at the Fringe Caravan under the Gawler Place Canopy... well, showing off is probably too strong a phrase... but he was warming up doing bits of tricks here and there and he was wearing a very nice lycra suit...

So we watched him and his partner perform (as La Petit Circus), listened to the next guy do a bit of his act then wandered off.

Not a very exciting day... but I have a Fringe show to go to this afternoon, and I think that's going to be more than enough excitement for the day.

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