sunday bear sauna session

As part of the Bear Men of Adelaide's Fringe Bears events, there was a recovery session at the sauna on Sunday afternoon after the Honey dance party...

And even though I'd been out at Fork On The Road, I really couldn't pass up the opportunity, so when I got home, I got changed and headed straight back out.

The usual sexual references, adult themes warning applies to this post... just so you know.

I don't think I've ever actually seen that many big, bearded guys wandering around the sauna to be honest... I know bear guys are bigger so they take up more space, but even so, the place was more full of manflesh than usual.

I also ran into Marc who I don't think I've seen for a couple of years... and I think the last time may have been in Marion.

Although it was a little awkward when Marc dragged me off to the dry sauna to chat, only to find that the guy I'd just had sex with was in there, and Marc (who always knows everybody) started chatting with him.

The fact that there were so many bears around did lead to, at least from my perspective, a weird dichotomy.

Firstly because I think a large number of the guys either already knew each other, or had met each other during the other Fringe Bear events, so there was much, much more chatting in any number of locations throughout the sauna.

The other amusing thing was the number of faces that I recognised from various online platforms (or possibly previous trips to the sauna, I'm not sure)... I kept thinking "I know your face, and yours, and yours..."

And while it also felt more "friendly", I also noticed that like any other part of the gay community, there was definitely a social hierarchy, for want of a better term. There were the uber bears... really short dark hair, tattoos, beards, beefy rather than fat... who were a little bit of the "cool kids"... being exhibitionists in the pool, strutting around without towels, that kind of thing...

Weirdly, Marc made a comment about guys like that not being interested in smaller guys like him and when I mentioned to him that I probably has about as much chance with them as he did... and we kinda both seemed to be surprised by the other. I did try testing the theory later on, but not overly strenuously... so I'm not sure whether I was right or not.

I was amused, as usual, by some of the almost ritual behaviours of some of the guys... like the fact that if you're standing in a spot and they've already decided they're not interested, they'll look around the corner but not come down that stretch of corridor.

Overall though it was a relatively younger crowd... yes, there were some older guys around, but not as old as you may have expected from a bear gathering.

There was one weird moment with an older dude actually... I was resting between rounds in the spa and had my arms out of the water to help regulate my temperature (ie, with my arms in the water I overheated too quickly) and somehow that must have been some kind of older dude catnip, because there was a dude who got into the spa and tried to play footsie, which would have been nice if I'd not been resting.

But then there was this other old dude who just stood outside the spa and was staring at me... like creepy, serial killer staring. I tried ignoring him, I tried shaking my head at him, I tried keeping my eyes closed, but nothing seemed to deter him.

He wandered off, and I thought that was the end of it, but he appeared again shortly after and got into the spa. And he kept staring. I also think he may have been self pleasuring under the water, which was just creepy.

So I told him exactly that... that he needed to stop because he was creeping me out. I don't quite know how he hadn't worked out that he was being creepy... but he was quite apologetic about it. Had it been me, I would have immediately left the spa, but he just stuck around for a while, which again was slightly creepy.

I did play around a bunch more than usual... up until the point where my body just went, "yeah, you're done champ".

I also experienced one of the strangest cocks I have ever come into contact with... I never saw it clearly, but it had what is most correctly referred to as a penile subincision... plus a Prince Albert, and possibly some implants under the skin.

That kind of thing never freaks me out... I was intrigued, and just wish I'd gotten a proper look at it.

Unfortunately I think I possibly missed my opportunity to drag Marc off to a quiet corner and have my way with him... actually I don't know if that would even have been possible, but I didn't even think of it at the time and by the time I did he'd disappeared.

It was a very pleasant and mostly relaxing end to my very long post-birthday weekend though.

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