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I really do have the bestest "hairdresser friend" ever...

Not only has Tink been cutting/colouring my hair outside of the salon environment since September 2011, and she lets me prattle on and tell stories or we have general discussions about all manner of weird and wonderful stuff (in this case, it was all about the Fringe), but just occasionally she's extra, extra awesome.

Not only did she notice something while I was telling her the story of my Blind Date (the fact that he put seeds in my hand, then brushed them off my hand, put my hand on the earth and poured water over it... we were planting the seeds... mind, blown!)... which I'd never connected together until she said it.

But also, she sets this giant birthday present down in front of me while we were chatting in the kitchen which turns out to be one of the giant Lego brick storage boxes like the one I bought at the beginning of last month... with a couple of tubes of mini M&M's strapped to it (because those are what Ma and I use to make some of the goodies at Christmas).

So adorably sweet of her! She said it was because I spoil her and MiniTink... which I have done I guess... although not excessively so... but it was still really sweet.

Oh, and yeah, the same haircut as the last dozen or so... short back and sides, shortened and blonder on top... and I'm suddenly realising that I don't know that I actually even looked at it after we were done... which is weird, but not that different from the amount of attention I usually pay.

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