it's my (36th) birthday

it's my thirty sixth birthday today...Well, whadayaknow, it's my birthday today! Me and Johan and Michael and Jamie and Taylor and Chris...

And for somebody who didn't have anything planned for his birthday I certainly ended up having a busy and enjoyable day.

Even the weather has somewhat played ball. Sure it's a little on the warm and humid side, but it's wonderfully overcast and there may even be rain later... which for anybody else could ruin a birthday... me, if it rains on my birthday I'm a happy little bunny!

The goodness started out this morning when I decided that instead of just sitting around my apartment I should go out and have a nice breakfast on O'Connell Street... which I did... big breakfast with a latte and orange juice and I took my book and had my iPhone with headphones and had a very, very nice time.

sewn yaniThen after I'd read the paper and watched an episode of Lonely Planet Six Degrees (I really do love the Asha Gill episodes) I headed into town, theoretically just to pick up the wheels for the Matt Stuckey dumpster from the Format gallery...

Except it was also the Zine Fair, so I ended up hanging around and looking at some stuff, and even got my portrait sewn... yep, sewn... and I have to say the girl doing it was very nice and she made me look much funkier than I really look (the thing going across my chest was the strap from my bag, I figured I wouldn't take it off, add interest to the picture)... I also bought a few zines and a cupcake and a little wire dragonfly brooch thing (that was for Ma though).

And I ran into somebody I know, which I should have expected since I know he's involved in that scene, but it was still unexpected.

After I left the gallery, I went and snapped photos of the Fringe spaceman perched in Light Square (I should have taken my camera with me, but I forgot all about it, so I had to make do with my iPhone) then headed down to Rundle Street with the intention of just picking up my free birthday Boost Juice... but the Rundle Street Markets were on, and I parked in my usual "secret location" (it's not really a secret, but where I choose to park within the particular spot could be, so I'm not telling anyone), so I did a wander up and down the Market.

Sadly it's nowhere near as good as it was when it first started... in fact it only seems to be hanging on by a thread these days, which is disappointing.

After I did a wander, bought a french macaron from Pastille Petite Desserts (salted caramel, very tasty) I went up to Rundle Mall to get my Boost Juice... and since they're having a promotion at the moment where you scratch free prize square... I won a free Boost Juice. Happy Birthday indeed!

And then a bunch more wandering before I came home... so nothing too strenuous, just a nice, simple, cruisy birthday...

Now I think I'm going to watch Hello, Dolly!... either that or George of the Jungle.

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Lacarian said...

Happy birthday, happy little bunny! :-) Seems you had a very nice day! Just reading about was sorta joyful!

Volacious said...

Happy Birthday, Yani!

May you have many more years of happiness and mindblowing sex :-)


The Time Boy said...

Many Happy Returns! Glad you had a lovely day and hope you have a great night too!


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