lifescouts: nerd month

Somewhat appropriately, March, my birth month, has been "Nerd Month" for Lifescouts...

And I made it from badge 11 through to badge 15 this month.

lifescouts - chess

Ma taught me to play chess when I was a teenager I think... I was never particularly great at it... possibly something to do with a lack of patience.

However, for some reason, I did end up taking part in some sort of school based chess tournament in high school... I have a memory of doing it, but no memory of what it was all about.

And then there was the game I had on my last pre-iPhone phone... which was chess related... Checkmate or something, where you had to get out of checkmate or work out the one move to check the computer... something like that.

I quite enjoyed that one.

lifescouts - video games
Video games

I detailed my history with video games in a post last year after I bought my PS3.

Unfortunately, not long after that I injured my back, and I haven't actually gone back to it.

I did manage to complete Journey a couple of times, as well as finish Stacking, which was awesome. However, Portal 2 is still in my pile of shame... I got stuck on a particular level, and I really do need to go back to it sometime soon.

lifescouts - scrabble

Like chess, Scrabble was something I learned to play when I was a kid... because what else are you going to do as a nerdy only child?

I don't have any specific or interesting memories related to Scrabble... I do remember playing the later game UpWords which was quite cool because you could stack letters on top of existing words to make new words.

And there was the Words With Friends epidemic of 2009/2010... I played a lot of games with friends from Twitter, and my workmates, and total strangers.

lifescout - klingon language
Klingon language

The Klingons are my favourite alien race from the three 90's incarnations of Star Trek... The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager.

And when Ludo and I devised our own crew around the time of the launch of Star Trek: Voyager in 1995, my character was a gay half Klingon, quarter Betazoid, quater human Science Officer (with a Trill partner who also happened to be the ship's counsellor).

Yeah, I know, I'm a massive nerd...

But this badge is about the Klingon language, not just Klingons in general.

I don't claim to speak fluent Klingon, however I do have the Klingon dictionary (and I've read it), and I can do a reasonable pronunciation of gagh. I also used to have a set of Klingon phrases for desktop sounds, and while I don't remember what they all meant, I can still remember how to say most of them.

lifescouts - bowling

I have not been bowling for years! Seriously... like years and years and years... but this badge kinda makes me want to go again. Now all I need is some people to go bowling with.

But I have bowled (and not just ten pin bowling, I've also done indoor lawn bowls... because, yes, I am so gangsta!)... I have a feeling it was when I used to be involved with the "Boys Club" at school (all the boys who didn't do sport... so the weedy, the weird and the uncoordinated)... and I'm pretty sure we went bowling at least once if not a couple of times.

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