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My brain is so confused right now...

Given that I already knew that Thursday was going to be a late night, I decided way back in November that I was going to take the day after my birthday off.

And it was a good idea, even if pretty much all I ended up doing for most of the day was writing up reviews of the shows from Thursday night.

True there was also a lot of procrastination, but yeah, mostly writing.

And when we were chatting about things on Thursday night, Ma said that she still hadn't made it to any of the Fork In The Road food truck days... and given that that's one on Sunday, plus the fact she was having her hair done this morning, we decided to skip our usual Saturday and have Ma come down tomorrow around lunchtime instead.

So after I wandered around the supermarket trying to remember what it's like to buy an actual week's worth of food after all these weeks of Fringing, I came home and the rest of the day has felt decidedly Sunday-like...

Hence the reason why my brain keeps getting all discombobulated about what day it is.

I'm also trying to find a decent replacement for Google Reader since they've announced they're discontinuing it in July (which is really stupid)... at present I'm looking at The Old Reader and Feedly, neither of which are as polished or easy to use as Google Reader.

I'd like to think that if enough people kick up a stink about it, they may change their mind, but I'm not going to hold my breath for that one.

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