photo friday: storm vs sun

sweater boyman and gull

little yellow bucketcresting the wave

wipeout blondemirror gull
I'm so glad that it's the Easter long weekend this weekend... I really needed a break.

Wednesday especially was all kinds of insane... it started off when I got up at 5:45am to discover that the current temperature of 30°C was actually higher than the forecast maximum of 29°C.

Then once I got to work there just seems to be an awful lot of talking... talking and talking and talking... and decisions that needed to be made about all kinds of screwed up things...

As I mentioned on Twitter at around 3pm... "If today was a person, it'd be that guy standing on a street corner, screaming into a banana about anal probes".

And in the midst all of that, I had the news that the positions that myself and the other contract staff are currently doing have been approved to go through the official process of being turned into advertised positions.

To be honest, that really wasn't something that I necessarily wanted to hear on Wednesday... there's too much work stuff that's up in the air, or headed in the wrong direction, or currently going pear shaped... that it wasn't the good news I may have viewed it as a few weeks ago.

So I was very happy to get home and find my Lego mini camera kit from Powerpig on the doorstep.

Thursday wasn't anywhere near as bad, although I think my brain had mentally checked out a bit...

And on the plus side, the boots I ordered on Saturday arrived at work. Which isn't too bad, timewise... ordered Saturday, shipped Monday, arrived Thursday.

Just like every year, I'm always baffled by how insane everybody seems to get at the supermarket on the Thursday before Easter... and it's not even just for Easter eggs... people is cray-cray.

And today I did next to nothing...

Today was also the last episode (and episode 100 of the main story, episode 159 overall) of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries... so I watched that while laying in bed, just the same way that I've watched all the other episodes pretty much

I'm not going to lie, I had a little bit of a cry when Lizzie got choked up while said goodbye... and as soon as the episode started, I had a premonition of how it was going to end... which turned out to be amusingly correct.

Then I really didn't do much of anything... I tidied the apartment a little bit, finished watching a movie I started a few days ago, and not much else until I made Toona Noodle Doo for dinner.

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