fringe: bane

Bane is brilliant from beginning to end...

The "one-man one-musician" play is in the style of a film noir detective story with the occasional pop culture reference and a large dose of comedy.

Joe Bone not only plays all the characters, switching voices, mannerisms, locations and accents with an almost schizophrenic ease, but he also provides all the sound effects, from cigarette lighters to heartbeats to explosions.

And he's really, really, really good at all of it.

Bone definitely works hard up on stage, given that he's doing everything that isn't music... and couple that with the fact that he was wearing a big heavy coat and it was fairly warm in the venue, he definitely worked up a sweat.

The musician is Ben Roe (who looks really, really familiar, but I think it's more of that "you look like a combination of about half a dozen people I know" thing) and he's equally skilled... so much so that I think about halfway through the show I completely forgot that he was there since the music just seemed so perfectly suited to each scene it seemed obvious that it would be there.

Part of that is also that Bone is engrossing as he shifts between different characters.

It turns out that this is the first part of three shows, so I can only hope that we see Bone and Roe back in future Fringes with parts 2 and 3.

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