photo friday: silver surfers

crest of the waveriding the swell

if the wind was any stronger he might have blown awayflight of the silver surfer

not quite enough wavejetty splash

stormy boywaiting for a wave

bobbing abouthigh tide jetty

one of these guys is dressed appropriatelywet suit paddle

Back when I used to photograph on film, I did quite a bit of work with black and white film. I always like working with it, it always seems to get right to the heart of the image, without colour drawing the eye.

And they turned out to be great for these images, since after correcting the contrast, the colours were really blown out... and black and white is always very forgiving to skin tones.

The images themselves were almost accidental.

After all my Fringing, I did very little for the first three days of this week... but on Thursday, Tristan Kerr was having a gallery show down at Glenelg. I missed his last show, and regretted it, so I was determined to go to this one.

That did, however, involve driving down to Glenelg at 5pm, which is always a trial.

But I made it down there on time and checked out both the artwork, and the cafe that was hosting it which I think is new (and very funky). I also chatted briefly with Tristan about his work, and bought one of the smaller pieces.

I'd taken my camera with me just on the off-chance there were photo opportunities... and when I wandered down to the jetty, there were the surfers...

It was incredibly windy on the jetty, so I was surprised that I wasn't the only one hanging out there. And I hung out for quite a while as the surfers struggled to find decent waves to ride.

Eventually the few waves that there were around started to die down and a couple of the surfers left, so I called it a day.

I then headed back up Jetty Road and went to Relish'd for dinner. And even though I had to wait a while for my Fancy Chick burger, it was completely worth the wait. Other than Burger Theory, Relish'd is pretty much the only burger place in the vast number that have popped up recently that gets it right.

While I was waiting I killed some time checking messages on my phone and discovered one from a young guy I'd messaged a few days ago... so I messaged him back that I was out and about and would message him when I got home.

I fully expected that there would be a bunch of back and forth messages when I got home, but he was exactly the same amount of direct that I usually am, and was on his way over about ten minutes after I walked in the door.

And we spent a very enjoyable hour or so rolling around on my bed.

It's weird... I can go for months without either caring about getting laid, or, in fact, actually being able to get laid... but then suddenly it's falling out of the sky into my lap... so to speak.

And if past history is anything to go on, the fact that I'd love to hook up with him again means it probably isn't going to happen. We'll see, but I'm not holding my breath.

About the only other interesting thing I did this week was seeing my chiro this afternoon... and that slightly odd moment when you use the phrase "when I was having sex last night" while talking to your chiro... I mean it was relevant, about my knee, but yeah, still weird.

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