photo fwednesday: knightly

lego king's knightlego black knight
Since I'm not going to have either the time or the inclination to do a Photo Friday post on Friday since I'm off to see a Fringe show, I figured I'd bring it forward to today... and hence Photo Fwednesday is born.
  • I fell on the way home today... I've actually been "due" a fall, since I've stumbled but not fallen a couple of times recently, but this was kind of a doozy... partly because I had to go around some stupid idiots with bikes who were taking up all the room. While I grazed my left knee, scuffed both palms and knocked my elbow, I was mostly fine until I got home when I discovered my ankle was a little tender... so it's currently strapped up. Unfortunately I know that it's going to be worse tomorrow morning... not looking forward to that.
  • Two and a half weeks of very, very, very late nights and general sleep deprivation make for a crankier than usual yani.
  • Yesterday was a good mail day... I got both the silver shorts and the Aussiebum underwear I ordered... although I was a little disappointed because I thought the shorts might have been the t-shirt that I ordered back in December and still haven't received. That might turn into a very angry blog post if it's not resolved.
  • Since the Fringe started I've eaten out a hell of a lot... I think I've had like five burgers, two pizzas and a very nice vegetarian curry.
  • Speaking of the curry... that was from Tuxedo Cat, and it was incredibly tasty... and I must remember that a little bit of lime juice really lifts a curry.
  • I'm kind of less impressed with both Burgerology and Chuckwagon 175... they were okay, burger-wise, but neither was outstanding.
  • I am hopeful that Fancy Burger just off Rundle Mall will be good... at present that it the top of the list for places to go for dinner on my birthday.
  • While I may have had a thing for certain Fringe performers while they were in costume, seeing them out of costume in their street clothes doesn't make them any less attractive. I'm sure I've seen a lot more performers just in and around the city this year... not sure why exactly, but it's always fun.
  • Every morning I get to tear another day from my Instragram-a-day calendar, and it's better than just about any photo-a-day calendar I've ever had because every morning I'm reminded of where and when I took each photo. It wasn't cheap, but I'm so doing it again next year, it was totally worth it.
  • I always worry when I get into a really easy conversation with someone on one of the gay hookup apps... and when they seem to be pretty much too good to be true... I enjoy the conversation, but I always expect that they're going to disappear into the ether. Although if that doesn't happen, he could be a hell of a lot of fun.
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