lego minifigures series 10

lego minifigures series 10
They're certainly going all out with this tenth series, adding a Golden Minifigure in addition to the usual sixteen (that's him, second from the right in the back row). And there will only be 5000 Golden minifigs throughout the whole world.

I'm not sure when this series is due out... but I'm guessing it should be some time in April/May since that's when they appeared last time.

This tenth line-up includes...
  • Librarian
  • Decorator
  • Warrior Woman
  • Sea Captain (with a seagull)
  • Baseball Fielder
  • Sad clown (Pierrot)
  • Trendsetter (with a chihuahua)
  • Motorcycle Mechanic
  • Grandpa
  • Tomahawk Warrior (Mohican)
  • Paintball Player
  • Roman Commander
  • Medusa
  • Skydiver
  • Bumblebee Girl
  • Revolution Soldier
My personal favourites are definitely the Tomahawk Warrior (there will need to be a second one for my desk at work), the Sea Captain and the Warrior Woman... and Medusa is an interesting addition to the Mythology theme.

While I'm not a fan of the Trendsetter (far too Paris Hilton for my taste), I can see myself getting a second one of her just because she has the Lego smartphone (although the icons do look a little crappy).

And the Motorcycle Mechanic, Skydiver, Paintball Player and Revolution Soldier (George Washington?) are also a bit m'eh.

But I am already devising photo set ups in my head... the Warrior Woman vs Medusa... Grandpa, the Librarian and the Computer Programmer all with their coffee cups... all the Roman characters (commander, soldier, emperor, gladiator)... and naturally all the animal costumes (gorilla, dinosaur, rabbit, chicken and bumblebee).

As with previous series, White Fang has done a review of the whole set over on the Eurobricks Forum.

I am seriously thinking that I need to work out another way to store them though... I can't keep buying the giant official cases after number 10... that is if I even keep collecting them past this series.

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