fringe: gravity & other myths - a simple space

a simple space by gravity and other myths
After seeing the performers from Gravity And Other Myths in Freefall in 2011 they went on the "must always see" list.

And their return with A Simple Space only completely reinforced that.

GAOM don't need flashy costumes, they don't need intricate sets or a myriad of props or fancy lighting setups.... They don't even need a story (which is strange since I've been on about story a lot). All they need is the titular simple space, five acrobats (one female, four male), a drummer and some amazing tricks.

Of course, hot, sweaty, occasionally half naked/underwear clad (and in one case, completely backally naked) male acrobats never hurts. And on my birthday too!

And there is no space between the U shaped front row and the performing space... If you've ever wanted to see every last detail of an acrobatic show and almost end up with a performer or two in your lap (or at least it feels that way) then this is the show for you.

It's without doubt the most intimate of all the acrobatic shows I've had the pleasure and privilege to see.

Partly because of the size of the space (even though it was completely full) but also because the performers give great eye contact throughout the show. I mean it's hard not to given the proximity, but still, they all regularly make eye contact with the audience.

It's also completely brilliant!

The tricks show such a degree of precision and control that even when they didn't work completely right on the first attempt (like the final routine) the audience were clearly routing for them to not only try again but to succeed.

There's also a number of routines with the performers competing against each other... the shows starts with a strip skipping rope competition (which is where the aformentioned rear nudity comes in), but there was also a backflipping contest, and some audience participation for the last one to be able to stay standing on their head while plastic balls are being flung at them.

But then they change to a routine that requires them to work completely as one seamlessly.

They're all high skilled at what they do, wonderful to watch and a definite must see!

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