montage monday: backstreets four monochrome

backstreets four monochromeObviously this is from yesterday's Sidestreets and Alleyways wander... which I will freely admit turned into more of an Urban Street Art Safari... there was just SO much stuff to choose from.

So much so in fact, that as I was picking out shots for a Montage I realised that I'd selected almost enough for TWO montages (so guess what happens next week!)... and that a vast number of the shots I'd taken had this whole black & white/monochrome colour theme happening in them. I know it's not exactly TRUE black & white... there's quite a bit of red in there, some blue, bits of yellow and brown... but I think it's the most colour-themic montage I've done since the Colour Story Montage last August... and before that the individual Colour Theme Montages I did way back at the beginning of 2006.

I think I might need to take a little vacation from the Sidestreets Project for just a little while... maybe photograph something else, because while I was trying to fall asleep last night my brain was just throwing out all these random street art images... not stuff that I'd seen... but completely random stuff it seemed to just make up out of thin air. Scary.

And that's really about all the new news that I have... which, I know, isn't much... I do have to sort out getting Ma's 2008 Calendar printed (an updated version of last year's one, but with pictures by me instead of seahorses... although she did end up talking me into making a seahorse one for her Workgirly even after I'd repeatedly said it wasn't going to happen)... but that doesn't necessarily need to happen this week, since I'm just going to get Orificeworks to print it as well as binding it this time around. I also need to make a decision on the last of her presents and poke Stu to get him to finally give me something he's had since before Ma's birthday... *grrrr*...

Other than that... I'm just "enjoying" the slipperly downward slope between here and Christmas...

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