post tree delirium

On the upside, nobody cried...

There were a few brief bouts of hysterical laughter, caused more because of sleep deprivation than anything actually being funny.

On the downside, I've been out of my house more this weekend than I've been in it. And I'm running on four hours of sleep over the last increasingly large number of hours that I've been awake.

So much so in fact, that I only realised just before I left Ma's place that I've spent the whole day with my underwear on backwards... true story.

But the tree is up, some presents have been wrapped, I'm wearing a Hi-5 band-aid on my finger, my house is still vaguely like an oven even though the change came in today (because I couldn't open the place up, not being here and all) and I'm about to fall into bed for a WELL deserved sleep. And I'm possibly not going to bother either setting my alarm OR going for my walk tomorrow, but we'll see what comes of the latter idea later.

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