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sumobothow we roll
I've discovered one of my new favourite sensations... coming around a corner, or walking along a city sidestreet and realising that not only is there an amazing piece of street art just tucked around there, just out of sight... but it's a MASSIVE piece of art that takes up the WHOLE wall...

I had that experience at least three times today too... and on two of those occasions the street art in question turned out to be by my very favourite street artist... the "Sumobot" on the left is by him/her too...

And I could be wrong, but given the number of times the work appeared near a reference to "Jules", it could just be possible that Jules is actually the name of my favourite street artist. Or maybe Jules just goes where everybody else goes... I dunno... I just wish I knew the name or the tag or whatever of the artist I really like... would make my life easier, instead of always having to say "my favourite street artist"...

There did seem to be a lot of "paste-ups" around too... the "How We Roll Robot Cat" on the right is one of those (and I love the fact that the rust covered/ate through the paper on that one), but there were a ton of others. Interestingly there was something scribbled on one of the torn paste-ups that said "Paper & glue come off... paint doesn't"... which is true, but paint just gets painted over, so nothing is forever when it comes to street art.

Speaking of things not lasting forever... I think the original works by my favourite artist may have been slightly altered too, although I'll need to have a look at the old shots before I can say for sure.

I decided to go out today partially because I had a case of the Sunday Boredoms and partially because I was having to restrain the urge to murder the brats in my building... I'm still fighting the second one (and you can imagine how much I'm looking forward to the start of the Christmas school holidays at the end of this week), but I did away with the Boredoms quite nicely... I put on my cowboy hat (although the wind whipping around town, especially in some of the narrow little streets, was a little bit of a problem at times), grabbed my headphones and went off in search of a particular piece of street art I saw as we drove through town yesterday.

city - north by northwestI didn't see it as I drove down, so I just nabbed a carpark at the West Terrace end and went from there. I started off quite close to Franklin Street, but in the end, with random wanderings and letting one sidestreet lead me to another and another, I kind of ended up ranging between Grote Street and Hindley Street (looking for the Rosina Street Carpark, which turned out to be in the next block along, but it wasn't a wasted trip, since the section of Hindley Street I did wander along is near the student housing and art center, so it was rife with street art)... and between West Terrace and Morphett Street (I did cross Morphett Street briefly to snap the shot that I'd originally come in search of, but mostly I stayed on the west side of it).

I don't know what it was but there just seemed to be more street art per street in this little pocket of town than in previous wanders... whether it's because my favourite artist actually lives in that section of town (and given that the two original pieces of work that I found are in this area too, it seems kinda possible).

There was a weird little incident as I was on my way back to the car though... I was on Grey Street and this car drove past me... the girl in the back seat rolled down the window and blew me a kiss... very, very, very weird... and had it not completely thrown me, I might have tipped my cowboy hat at her... but it did throw me, so I didn't really react at all... although it did make me smile as the car drove off.

I ended up being out for about two hours, give or take... got nearly 150 shots... so it was a very worthwhile afternoon wander.

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