ten tiny tings meme

Stolen from Buffalo Void originally... but I didn't do it as soon as I saw it and now every faygola and his poodle have done it...
  1. When you were born, how much did you weigh?
    7lbs 6oz according to Ma... but that was the gut reaction right off the bat and then she started to second guess herself... but we'll go with that...

  2. What's your sugar poison?
    I'm just going to go with the widest possible option and say "chocolate"... in just about all it's forms (except "white" because that's not chocolate, that's a travesty).

  3. If you had to choose between meat and cheese for the rest of your life, which would you choose? Then be specific.
    It depends on whether we're counting chicken in the "meat" category... I could quite happily live without red meat (I think), but I eat a LOT of chicken, and I know I couldn't live without that.

  4. What, is your opinion, is the worst song ever?
    The one that springs instantly to mind is a song called "Sweet Like Chocolate" which was very popular a few years back now... I kept hearing it ALL the time and it just drove me mental.

  5. Who was your favorite teacher growing up and why?
    My Year 7 teacher, Ms Dally... and just because she was a hell of a cool teacher... she had this "loft" built in the back of the classroom, and we had turtles... and we did a three or four day series of field trips to the Zoo, got to go "behind the scenes"... plus she let us paint/construct/fortify our desks... I did originally want to have a red dragon desk, but only really ended up with the red desk with wings for a while... until the wings got on my nerves. Oh, and I think she taught me how to tie-die too. And it's because of her that I have little folding scissors on my keyring.

  6. What personal activity, when performed in public, bothers you the most?
    Pretty much if it doesn't make me have to detour around you or get in my way or otherwise inconvenience me, then you can do what the hell you like.

  7. Ok, there's a $50 bill lying on the ground. You pick it up. Dumbfounded by your incredible luck, what do you selfishly purchase?
    Hmmm... I dunno... maybe a couple of books, maybe some DVDs... maybe given the time of year it is I'd just keep it in my wallet until the after Christmas sales and see what was on special.

  8. Do you have a recurring nightmare? If so, explain.
    I really don't.

  9. Name one place on Earth you've never been, but vow to visit at least once.
    Well, since I've never been ANYWHERE outside the country I could list just about anywhere... but I'd like to say New Orleans.

  10. You notice that question #9 wasn't really a question. You feel smart for catching such a small detail. What else can you do really well that reminds you how smart you are?
    I'm actually pretty good on a lot of the small detail stuff... and I remember random facts for far too long.

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