photo friday: neon christmas

neon treeSweet Rudolph's nose... what a day it's been...

It's weird... around this time for the last two years something "water" related has happened... two years ago it was my hot water service going bust... then last year the visiting brat broke the tap out the front of my place... today we has us some torrential rain... which would have been fine if not for the fact that Ma then called me saying that they'd relocated her work Christmas party and could I drive up and bring her the calendar I made for her Seahorse Work Girly.

Which I did... through the godawful rain (and I hate driving in the rain, it's so much more tiring than normal driving), in fact the rain was so bad at times that the only reason I knew I was still in the appropriate lane was that I was directly behind the car in front of me... which possibly wasn't always the best plan, because, well, rain = really stupid drivers. Take some regular stupid drivers, make it Christmas time so they've already lost their damn minds, then make it rain really heavily so they lose the ability to drive even more... fuuuuuun.

Also fun was the fact that when I went out to my car I discovered that one of the little brats in the building had badly bent my car aerial... which I then broke when trying to straighten it up. So I'll be having strong words firstly with the three most likely culprits, then with their parents (yeah, I know... we'll see how it works out, but that is my intention).

And when I got home there was a Christmas card in my letter box from Stu and Mrs Stu complete with their usual printed extra bit in the middle with pics of the kids etc... except it had been raining SO hard, and my letter box isn't waterproof at the best of times, so the card was completely and totally soaking wet (think waterlogged), and the printer ink of the extra piece had run all to hell, so when I flicked the extra water out of it (and there was a lot), it was basically blue/purple liquid... and the ink had soaked onto the inside of the card making an impression of the folded paper... less good.

Then, because both Ma and I have our pre-Christmas haircuts scheduled tomorrow morning... and if there was ever a day when we needed to get into the supermarket early and get out before the hordes descend, it would be tomorrow, but since that won't be happening, we went shopping this afternoon after Ma escaped from her work function. Actually I didn't end up getting a lot of foodstuffs, mostly because they'll be Christmas leftovers, and there will be at least three (if not more) days next week where I won't be eating in the house. So not much point really.

Oh, and the photo in this post... that would be the neon Christmas tree I got a couple of years back all lit up pretty like...

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