christmas haircut and last minute stuff

hairstylists baubleInterestingly enough, today wasn't nearly as busy and complex as I thought it might have been...

That's not to say there weren't stressful moments, but not really where I expected them.

I hopped the bus into town this morning for Christmas Haircut Day and wandered around a bit before they'd opened the shop... managed to leave my sunglasses downstairs in the Myer Centre food court when I stopped to have a quick bite to eat, but luckily I remembered them before I'd left the building, so they were still there.

But, given that it's December and almost Christmas (even with the wild rainstorm action from yesterday) it was freakin COLD this morning... actually it's still not that warm out there, even if the sky is mostly blue (with massive white fluffy looking clouds).

I also wandered around aimlessly a bit checking if certain stores were open so I could halfheartedly look for something I'd been planning to get for Tink, but nothing really was open... but it didn't really matter, since I'd gotten Ma to package up a few of the goodies we made last weekend so I could give her those.

Because I'd had my hair cut only about a month ago, I didn't really need that much of a trim, but what I got Tink to do was, as I put it, "chunk it up", meaning using the texture scissors on it and giving it some more definition than just a straight cut. Then once she was finished with that she gave me basically some blonder tips...

Originally what I'd been thinking of was more "colour chunks" (there's that chunk word again), but she went with this whole "paint the comb, comb the hair" approach that seemed interesting, so, as usual, I just let her. Turned out pretty well actually... in some spots my hair is three colours though... my natural colour in the regrowth... the mid blonde from last time... and the new blonde blonde tip colour. Kinda groovy though.

Ma turned up while I still had my colour on, but she wandered off to do a couple of bits of things and after I was done (and I'd given Tink the little box of goodies) we stopped off to grab a coffee and something to eat and decide on a plan of action.

We didn't really have a whole lot of stuff to do, so we ended up having a look in a couple of shops, not getting anything and then heading off, first to a nearby hardware store to get some hooks to hang my painting finally, and then we went to find the other location for the "storage/takeaway container" store we visited last week. I think with a little more forward planning and organisation we could make good use of those stores next year... as it was we got a couple of those cardboard "cake boxes" to put the mince tarts in.

Then we stopped off at our regular shopping place to get some green curly ribbon. But trying to find green curly ribbon the weekend before Christmas is akin to something involving needles and proverbial haystacks. Less fun basically. We did find some eventually, but we must have been to every possible store.

And that was pretty much it really... Ma brought the presents I need (J's "hamper" and the stuff for "Spawn of Sheba") down this morning, and some of the goodies for me to organise into little boxes, so I need to do at least half of that tomorrow before I take myself off to Sheeba's.

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