grey faceartist's door face
More street art from my last wander in the city... this time it's all about faces...

I really love the grey face because that was all it was... just the face... no head, no nothing, just about a dozen lines making up this grey face on a grey wall. I almost missed it and the few other bits of street art around it because they were tucked down the end of this narrow little street and from where I was walking they were actually behind a car... but luckily I did happen to spot the little blue flying dudes (who show up in the link up the top there), and then discovered some other groovy stuff down the same alley.

The painted face is a different story... I'm pretty sure it's actually on the side door to an artist's studio... I mean it's obvious that it's on a door, but it was part of a building on one of the corners that looked very much artist studio/gallery type space... I just love how rough and ready it is though... and the fact that it's at least the second version, or the refinement of an earlier concept, since you can see the blue ears of that attempt though the white paint.

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