hoping for a lazy day

kris by howard roffmanGod I'm all frazzleated right at the minute..

Today is the first day I've really had to myself since Christmas Eve... the first day I don't have to go somewhere, do something, see somebody...

And thank fuck for that I say!

The last few days I've been getting up that little bit extra early so I had enough time for other stuff before going out (first Christmas, then Second Christmas, then post Christmas "bargain hunting")... and not getting to bed until after 11... even last night, when I had a good chunk of the evening on my own after J went home, I still didn't end up going to bed at a reasonable time, because I just wanted a bit of "quiet time" before going to bed (there are other euphemisms I could have used for that one, but you get the idea).

So today is theoretically (that's SO my favourite word recently) going to be all about lazing around the house, watching new DVDs, trying to stay cool, that sort of thing.

Of course there's also the fact that I kind of intended to use this time between Christmas and New Year to first of all go through all my knick knacks and tchotchka, dust it all first of all, and then work out what stays and what gets retired... so it's not like THAT'S going to be a stressful or confronting little job at all *rolls eyes*.

And I need to find spots for the two huge pieces of cookware I got at Christmas (and send some of the ones that are currently in the cupboard back to Ma's house where they came from in the first place)... and put away the last little bits and pieces of my presents (I did all the DVDs and the books yesterday along with the socks and a couple of other things that have obvious homes, so at least that's out of the way)... and some time before next Tuesday I need to come up with a new template for the blog (although I could probably do that in about ten minutes on Monday afternoon if I really had to... provided I had some sort of clue as to what kind of photo I was going to use... which I don't).

My brain is just doing 360° revolutions inside my skull this morning I think... actually it's probably been doing it the last three days, but I've also been spinning around like a crazy person, so I didn't really notice.

I think part of it might also be a slight case of the Post Holiday Blues... not so much blue, as maybe cyan or teal... possibly perriwinkle... like I said in my Post Christmas Roundup, there was all this anticipation and build up and organising and arranging and preparation and excitement... and now it's all just POOF... all gone.

I saw what might be the perfect symbol for that two days ago on my walk... keep in mind it was only Boxing Day, and very early in the morning, so Christmas had only been over for a matter of hours, but one of the houses had already put their (still green) real Christmas tree into the wheelie bin outside the house... and of course the thing didn't fit, so it was like the tree was sprouting out of the bin. Poor abandoned thing still had some little wisps of that loose tinsel stuff clinging to it. Little bit sad really.

The other thing in the last couple of days that was a little sad was going into the Red Circle Boutique yesterday morning and seeing how totally stripped bare their Christmas department was. Granted they'd been open since midnight, so a large amount of the really good stuff had gone hours ago, but we still managed to nab a few rolls of wrapping paper, some new very good and expensive Tom Smith Christmas crackers (no cheap plastic toy in those... no... this year I got a pair of little nail clippers, and Ma got a folding corkscrew... and last year I think she got a bracelet which she still wears on and off), which we only ever buy right after Christmas when they're cheaper. We also happened to spot a little DVD tower that, according to the price tag under the current one, had been at least $35 (and that was already a "reduced" price), but they had marked it all the way down to $13.90... BARGAIN! And it just perfectly fits all my new DVDs, as well as a few that had gone into hiding in the bookcase behind the door.

It does mean I'm probably going to have to move some stuff around slightly in the lounge room though... *sigh*... and because it's "espresso" (I'm assuming that's the colour, it's a kind of light "oaky" colour) it's another piece of furniture after last year's acquisition of the black DVD cabinet that doesn't match any of my other furniture...

Interestingly enough I just read through the post I made about this time last year (the link above) and I was in something of a similar headspace, but possibly because I didn't do Second Christmas and I had that time to myself right after the big day (and possibly because I had more sleep than I've had this time around), I sounded much more upbeat about a very similar set of circumstances. Tres interesting, no?

But anyway, thus is that state of play in my brain just now...

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Jeremiah Andrews said...

Hello Yani
I lurk no more I guess...

You spent all that time, talent and energy and you built up all that steam for the great orgasm that was Christmas, and it came and went do you miss it, was it not all that it was cracked up to be? Did you put too much energy emotion and feeling into the holiday that you are now empty of?

Or are we getting older and as we do get older, things change. You talked about second Christmas and the lack of connection there.

Maybe next year your approach to the holidays will change. Each year I live, the quieter my holiday gets. Simple gifts in front of a modest tree with only those I really care about.

It seemed to me that the build up to the holiday was met with a lack luster holiday and now you are feeling the blues... I guess the orgasmic Christmas feeling did not carry you very far did it?

Were you expecting to much and you got too little? that will change I can promise you that.

Just a few observations over the last week reading your blog.

We all grow up and traditions and holidays change. It's not a bad thing, we just learn how to refine our approach to the holidays so we don't end up with the blue bird of depression visiting us after the party is over...


yani said...

In order...

No and no. Energy yes, the other two no.

My approach couldn't really get THAT much simpler.

Actually I think it was more the lack of sleep than anything else, I'm back to being pretty much even keeled right now... as even keeled as I get anyway.

No and again, no.

Like I said, lack of sleep combined with lack of alone time... it will screw me up every time.


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