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fifties christmasJust a brief rundown on my Christmas afternoon at The House Of Sheba...

It was a good afternoon actually... other than the fact that Rockstar was being something of a pain in the butt pretty much from the get go... he had some good moments, but mostly he was about a step and a half away from needing a kick in the head.

The presents and goodies went down a treat... Sheba did that whole "you shouldn't have, we didn't get you anything" malarkey... but like I told her, firstly I only bought things for the "chillens" and my present was "having you back in my life"... yeah, it felt just as hokey when I said it... true though.

I scored a home run with RubbaJelly's Diva gift card... not only is she a freak for the Divaness, but also for earrings in general, so score 1 me. Rockstar seemed to like his toy car and Showgirl was bemused by her big fluffy cow (and I was right, it was only marginally smaller than she is), although she did chew the horn at one point, so that's got to be a good sign.

Sheba was highly enthusiastic about the fact that I brought down "the goodies"... and Tikiman was highly impressed with my Rocky Road, what with the dark chocolateness and the Turkish Delightness and the cashewness... so points scored there too.

But it was a pretty cruisy day all up, Sheba and I saw around and gasbagged for the first part, then we took the chillens out for a walk to the park for a bit, which was fun... I got to play around on play equipment like a tool... then Sheba, Tikiman and I had this whole discussion of art, movies, fetish, vintage porn and documentary towards the end... and for a large chunk of the last part I had Showgirl in my lap... god she's so edible and smoochy...

I'd promised myself though that I would make tracks at a semi-reasonable time, given that there were a bunch of things on teevee that I really wanted to see (the Discworld "miniseries" Hogfather, amongst other things), although luckily I set the video before I went out, because I still didn't make it home in time to see "Who Do You Think You Are?".

So a good day was had by all really.

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