unconscious mutterings 252

I slept in an extra hour this morning (although I'm nursing a "not enough sleep headache")... but I still went for my walk (although a shorterned version thereof)... so I get the feeling I'm going to be playing catch-up all damn day long... it should also make for some interesting Unconscious Mutterings...

  1. Music :: Loud

  2. Insanity :: Sleep Deprivation

  3. Curtain :: Red Velvet

  4. Nickname :: yani

  5. Container :: "Little boxes made of ticky tack..."

  6. Roast :: Turkey

  7. Thong :: Cheap black thongs leave black marks on my feet

  8. Purple :: Favourite

  9. Holidays :: Chaos

  10. Christmas tree :: The trimming of which I did yesterday... and will report more on later...

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