montage monday: backstreets three

backstreets part tresA very "street art heavy" Montage from Wednesday's walk for today...

There are a couple of "odd" images that I just want to discuss briefly... In the top right hand corner, yes, that IS a shoe... actually there were two shoes there, inside this fenced off vacant lot (I'd slipped through the not terribly well secured fence to grab a few shots... the grey spiral and the Pikachu looking thing in "armour" on the fourth row, and the red wave with black squiggles on the top row)... they looked a little plaintive laying there all on their ownsome. Also, the bottom right corner does, in fact, say Flickr... and that was the way I found it... there was this warehouse doorway (biiiiiiiiig doorway), and on the metal frame on the inside of the arch were what I assume were magnetic letters, although I never actually touched them... there were more words and letters, but my eye went to that one word straight away. Odd.

And speaking of odd, the shot next to the shoes... I may have to run a large version of that, because whoever lived in that house obviously wasn't taking their medication... there were six or seven signs up about how people had been "stealing" the sign maker's songs... people like Madonna... Telstra (with the help of "Lobster Woman"... your guess is as good as mine at that one)... Peter Gabriel (although that one may be the least outlandish, given the title of the song in question)... k.d. lang... and Celeine Dion. Amusing, but sad.

Let's stay in the realm of odd just for a minute shall we... now I've had various and sundry profiles on a variety of "gay personal" sites for some time now. Specifically Gaydar, but other places too... with Gaydar though I'm fussy about what kind of photos I use (one bad experience will do that to you). But last Monday, since I now have the cute, short, new blonde 'do going on I thought I would take some new photos of varying appropriateness levels and update some of my profiles. Which I did... I pulled various things out of the wardrobe and had my own little photoshoot right here in the house. Some of the shots were better than others, as is always the case... but there was one shot that was kind of interesting, because I'd moved my head right when it was being taken, so there was some blur going on... blur, but interesting blur you understand. And I was wearing an all black outfit which is usually always flattering. Now I don't know if it's because I'm in a black outfit and I'm sitting so the edges of my body are a little blended into shadow, or what, but since the photo went "live" I've probably increased the number of people viewing my profile by a factor of about 20... seriously... before I added the photo I got maybe one or two "tracks" a day... yesterday it was just under 20. What shallow little creatures we homosexualists are... of course I say that because people are looking, but I'm not getting any more messages when I would usually get... which is to say... none... *wink*. Shallow, shallow, shallow.

I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning after last night's little excursion... but I did, as always, and toddled off for my walk... and on the way back I kept a special eye out for the Home of Myer Lady... and it was exactly the house that I thought it was. Scary.

I ended up getting an answer this morning from the folks at Norton... well, somebody somewhere in an Indian "call centre" on Norton's behalf anyway... fortunately, after I cleared out the Window's Temp directory of all the files, they stopped replicating on their own... so now I just need to get around to following some of the other advice in the email to clear up the rest of the files and maybe work out what the hell was wrong in the first place. I wasn't overly optimistic when I read the beginning of the email's broken English, but once he got to the portion where he could just copy and past existing answers it made more sense. Unexpectedly helpful actually.

Now, because I have a bad ongoing case of "Inside Legs" (ie they almost NEVER see the sun) I've been trying out the Johnson's Holiday Skin Body Lotion... that stuff with the "gradual" fake tan in it. I don't know about the gradual to be honest... in certain spots it seems less gradual than others. It's not bad though... although interestingly it seems to work faster and better on places where you're already a little bit tanned (like my arms, and oddly enough, my feet... must be all the barefoot/thong wearing)... but my legs do seem to look browner... but it's hard to tell because it IS so gradual... you end up thinking "hang on, wasn't I ALWAYS this colour?". Because it's "body" lotion, I'm not brave enough to try it out on my face (plus I know I'd miss spots and end up blotchy and unfortunate looking)... but I don't hate the results... even if I'm the only one who ends up seeing them. Mmmmm... tan.

I know there were some other things I was going to babble about... but I honestly can't think of any of them right at this precise moment (and the ones I can think of don't seem all that terribly interesting or important right now)... possibly because I need some lunch...

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