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big fat seal loveI got a call from J yesterday afternoon, mostly to let me know that he was back from his brief little trip to Brisbane, but then we both had a case of "should we do something... what should we do"... which resulted in me going down to his place, and the pair of us going out to the beach at Glenelg.

And I have to say that the "pretty" was out in force yesterday... I don't know if it was our timing or the fact that Glenelg beach does seem to be the mecca for just about everyone come summertime, or because it was a week day or what... but hotness hotness hotness!

We ended up sitting on the wall by the jetty and just watching all the pretty boys come and go (quite a few of them were on this whole "from the water, right up past us, to the jetty, along the jetty, jumping off the jetty, back to the beach and all over again" cycle, so that was good... as was the overabundance of partially exposed underwear, particularly Bonds)... then we took a wander along the beach to take some photos of J, although I don't know how many of them turned out "decent" to be honest... I was only kind of "half arsedly" taking them, and the sun was fairly bright, so there's that whole shadow issue... actually I think the best shot of the whole afternoon was taken inside Wendy's when we stopped to get thickshakes on the way back to the car.

And he made me clamber over all these huge ginormous rocks all the way out to the end of this man made "bluff" thing (but on the upside, my legs were only marginally achy this morning)... which was less than fun... although on the way back he said "I'll race you", jokingly, to which I think I called him a rude name and said no... but then I stopped following right behind him and just went with the flow of walking, stepping, climbing and striding across the giant boulders and actually beat him back to terra firma... HAHAHA! Sucked in! Ahem... sorry...

Anyway the rocks start down near the entrance to the Marina, and when we looked over the edge there was this HUGE seal (that's it in the photo)... just laying on the concrete "wall" and sunning itself, occasionally scratching it's face with it's front flipper and hanging out. I've never seen a seal that close up outside of a zoo, or anywhere around such a populated area... but from what somebody told us it seems like he's a semi regular down there, and even lobbed up in the middle of the road one day, making all the cars treat him like a big furry roundabout.

Of slightly more concern was the fact that there were three Asian guys in their early twenties down on the same wall, fishing... and then after we'd come back from our climb along the rocks, they were right near the seal, who was sitting up by this point... and who honestly looked like he weighed more than all three of them put together. There would have been no way you would have gotten me that close to him... I've seen too many shows narrated by David Attenborough to be that stupid. And although J and I were kind of hoping for bloodshed, the seal got bored with them and pretty much lay down again.

After we'd finished wandering about, I ended up back at J's place, and although I originally didn't intend to, I hung around, firstly because J inflicted an episode of Never Mind The Buzzcocks on me and Sister B (which I have to say isn't HALF as funny and three times as mean as Spicks and Specks... although the host is somewhat cuter, even if he is an evil little troll), and then B and I found various bits of Spicks on YouTube to inflict back on him... and one thing led to another and I ended up staying for dinner... which was slightly odd (just being that I'm not used to "big family dinners"), but not too bad.

And before I knew it it was 11pm...

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