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Anybody who has been visiting the blog for at a while will know that I don't do "New Year's Resolutions"... what I do do instead is create a "Wish List"... things that I would like to happen, but don't necessarily HAVE to happen... just stuff I kinda want the Universe to know. And every year I take the previous year's list... reread the things on it, consider if they need adjusting or altering or if I've actually accomplished them, and write up a new list.

I actually have them going back to 2002, all tucked up in the back of the notebook I use each year to make the list... and it's always interesting to see how they've adapted over time.

This year's list isn't THAT dissimilar from last year's... but there are one or two subtle changes...
  • To return to and remain at peace with being alone.
  • To continue to engage only in sex that I find physically or emotionally fulfilling.
  • To continue to be comfortable with the size, shape and flaws of my body.
  • To return to being at peace with myself, both inside and out.
  • To continue my daily walking routine and return to more appropriate eating habits.
  • To gain a permanent job that challenges and interests me.
  • To become financially independant again.
  • To be more positive and spend time only with positive people.
  • To try and do things that scare/challenge me.
  • To return to a calmer mental outlook and be less easily frustrated.
  • To simplify parts of my life.
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peter said...

Yani, I hope your 'wishlist' come true, except for #1, I hope you find that special someone, who knows maybe he's in Sydney looking for that special someone... YOU!

Have a great 2008!

Greetings from Amsterdam - the Netherlands


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