kinda sorta post xmas sales shopping

post christmas sales... kindaToday was only really kinda sorta Post Christmas Sales Shopping... I mean the PCS were going on... but we didn't really do THAT much shopping relating to them...

We did the usual Food Shopping Adventures™ first up... and now my fridge is full... and I mean stupid, things in strange places, full... at least for a couple of days until I use, rearrange or otherwise clear out said fridge... it could probably do with it to be perfectly honest... but at least I'll be able to make some nice salads over the next few days what with the weather being all random and stupid and damn freakin hot just at the moment.

We also took a quick spin around Red Circle Boutique, picked up another one of those small DVD cabinets (for Ma this time) because there was one other one in the store, but this one actually had the original price of $50 on it, as well as the mark down to $13.90.... so BARGAIN once again! I also found a pair of really, really nice jeans, in this very lightweight denim that will be excellent as "summer jeans", even if they are essentially black... although they weren't the $17 I thought they were going to be (those were the boring ugly blue jeans), but I still got 30% off them, so bonus there! I couldn't find an appropriately sized new belt though... my old one is basically about a step and a half away from falling to pieces, but they didn't have one in the correct size. Bummer!

We also managed to find a copy of The Grinch for $8 (since I said I really needed to find a copy after seeing it again at Christmas)... woohoo!

After we'd finished at the "local" shops, we swapped over to my car ("in car" air conditioning is my friend) and zoomed off to Marion.

And of course, because it was hot every man, woman, child, dog, cat and goldfish (okay, I exaggerated on the last three) wanted to park their cars under cover... as did I... so we went around and around and around and around and around and around for EVER, and we kept missing them... either the person in front of us would start stalking somebody walking to their car, so we'd miss out on a possible park, or else we would go past just as somebody else was pulling into a car park... it was VERY frustrating (it would have been more so if we'd been doing it in the sunshine, but it was pretty annoying as it was. In the end I happened to see a car right near one of the mall entrances pulling out and zoomed around to where they were and as they were sorting out their direction I nipped into their spot.

I think I stole somebody else's car park... there did seem to be a car that honked it's horn at me, and the passenger in the car may have given me a filthy look at they drove off... but basically it was their bad luck, and I'm sure they hadn't been driving around in circles for as long as I had (also I made sure that the guy who was waiting behind me to get my car park as we were leaving was the one who got it, so I like to think I restored my karma a little.

We only really picked at things here and there as far as shopping went though...

Ma got a few things at Diva because they were having a "Everything $5" sale (well, not EVERYTHING, but everything within the realms of that stuff on the sale racks)... I managed to find the mug I'd wanted to get for Tink before Christmas... so now I'm going to save it for NEXT Christmas (I think that's a whole world of "extreme early shopping"). Ma got a couple of bits and pieces in Myer's Christmas department... but for whatever reason all the Christmas departments in pretty much all the stores we went to seemed much more ransacked than what I remember from previous years...

We also got a couple of really cool boxes in Kmart that were flat but folded up into a box and had a little handle at the top and everything... and when the dopey girly was scanning them, she only scanned ONE of them... so we got an already half priced bag for nothing! Woohoo! Stoopid girly.

I was also really disappointed to find out yesterday that my copy of The Family Jewels was faulty and basically froze up when it got to Chapter 6... so we managed to find a replacement copy down at Marion... then Ma took the original back to Elizabeth and they gave her all sorts of grief about not being able to give her a refund... but I'm sorry, I looked at the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs website, and they didn't say anything about not giving refunds on merchandise that was faulty (or anything at all on DVDs to be honest)... in the end though after putting her through a bunch of drama (telling her they were only going to let her swap it for another DVD, when everything else in that price range was either garbage or else stuff we had) the manager guy (or whoever he was) finally agreed to give her a refund. Bloody cheek I say!

And that was about all we did I think... one big long circuit around the whole complex and we were basically done.

As always though, it's just a shame I can't bring the nice climate controlled weather from those malls back home with me... my widdle house is a bit hot!

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