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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

riverside walkI mentioned yesterday that for about the last week I've been walking down by the river instead of doing my usual trawl through North Adelaide...

I think I'd just gotten fed up with doing pretty much the same thing every day for the past nearly eighteen months (give or take a couple of months)... so a couple of weeks ago I mixed it up with a couple of days walking down by the river... then last week four out of five days... and it looks like I might have found myself a new routine... for the time being anyway...

I'm leaning towards a whole clockwise walk at the moment, although I have done the anti-clockwise thing, as well as walking on both sides of the river (not on the same day obviously).

I don't know if the little "tail" on the bottom left of the walk will stay... I like that it bumps up my number of steps, but I think it will be the first thing to go if I need to shorten my walk (although now that I've added it, I think it will be hard to shake)... oh, and the bridge at the base of the tail there, that's the bridge from the rower post yesterday.

Plus it's been about a year since the last time I made one of these maps...

And for the record...

  • The right side of the square at the top is LeFevre Terrace.
  • The spot where the route "dips in" at the base of the tail is roughly where I took the panorama shot.
  • The middle bridge is where I shot the Photo Friday image.
  • Between those two bridges was where all the images in the Riverbank Montage came from.
  • But the River Torrens Montage was actually on the opposite side of the river, between the middle bridge and the one on the far right.
  • When Ma and I saw Il Cielo Che Danza the second time, we were sitting pretty much straight up from the funny shaped white buildings (the Festival Theatre) in that middle section.
  • And one of those white blobs in that general area is also the rotunda... although I'm not actually sure which is which (top left I think)... and the pale blob in the middle of the river near it is the fountain, which I'll most likely be featuring for this week's Photo Friday.
As I told Ma on Saturday, the up side of the new walk is that I get to see more people in the mornings... and the down side... I get to see more people in the mornings...

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