visiting sheba and unexpected haircut results

Friday, November 16, 2007

okay, so in this instance solomon was visiting sheba, but you get the ideaLordy, lordy, lordy, lordy... what a day this has been...

I actually debated making this two separate posts... and while it probably could have been... it was actually all one big grand day out, so we'll leave it like that.

I'm currently wolfing down a ham sandwich because not counting breakfast I've only really had a vegemite sandwich and a Chocollo milkshake all day, and it's kinda been one of those days.

So, my visit to The Land of Sheba...

I took off from here a little later than I'd planned... due mostly to having to come back to the house twice because the spider that's been living in my side mirror for weeks finally got the better of me and I had to get rid of the poxy thing (it was a big bugger too... it tried making a bid for freedom as I was pulling out of the carpark and I gave it a helping flick... so long as it's out of my life I don't care where it goes). But eventually I was on my way, and since Sheba only lives around the corner from the last place that I knew she was living, I just let the car kinda take me there on autopilot (which worked out quite well actually).

The weird thing was that as soon as I got there... and given how much time that has passed, it was all remarkably similar to days of yore... and speaking of which, last Sunday I went through all my old photos and scanned the nearly 100 photos that I'd taken during that whole time... anything that was vaguely Sheba-orientated, since she did mention that when I saw her on Saturday... that she'd figured she didn't have any chance (prior to us running into each other) of actually getting hold of copies of those photos... so now she has them all digitally. And that was a slightly weird wander down memory lane when I scanned the freakin things.

Which pretty much just reinforced that today was a whole world of "same same, but different"...

Because we only really had a couple of hours today we couldn't really cover EVERYTHING that's happened in the last three years as well as going over the last year and a bit of when we were still talking but as the wheels started to fall off, so we kind of did a general ramble, with some of the general topics outlined, some of the old ground revisited, a bunch of discussion about reasons why things all went kafluey... that kind of thing.

It's always interesting to see not only events of the past through the eyes of the other person who lived through them with you... but also yourself at that time through that person's eyes. There was stuff that I only marginally remember and some stuff that while I remember the event in question, I don't remember if my behaviour at the time actually matches up with the interpretation... I'm not saying it doesn't, I just honestly don't remember. It's possible that the truth lies somewhere in the middle... between her version and my version is what really happened. But then that's the way of all things really isn't it. Perception is key.

Raury got touched on a fair degree... which is to be expected, since he was the thing that more or less brought us together in the first place.. or if not the thing that BROUGHT us together, certainly someone that featured very largely in our collective relationship.

To some degree today's yakfest kind of reminded me of when we first met... long and involved conversations that would wind their way around a billion different topics... and although we did kind of come back to several of the topics, more than once in a couple of cases, it was all really easy.

Maybe because all the stuff that was brought up from the past has SO much water under it's bridge that it was easy to discuss it without getting all emotionally invested (if that makes sense) in the details. I will admit that there were a couple of things that Sheba said that are/were kind of niggling away in the back of my mind, partially because I think they were probably fairly true, but also because not only were they not particularly flattering but I honestly only vaguely remember the time in question. So we might just have to shove those down the back of the couch in my psyche, see if we can't lose them again.

And I'm still loving Small Child Number 3 to bits... but then me and little tiny people... for some reason it's a whole thing. I don't want one... I just like the ones that belong to other people.

Small Child Number 2 however still isn't sure about me... but he'll get over that in theory (or, you know, not... his choice).

So, in theory, we're possibly doing it again next Thursday... we both want to keep the lines of communication open, and while the nature of our relationship this time around is going to have to be different, if only because we're different people (to greater and lesser degrees) than we were the first time around, I think we'd like to try and find a way to reorient our relationship into something that works now.

And for reasons that I don't completely understand (but which don't surprise me) I now smell of incense... I didn't smell it earlier (although I was out in the world earlier, so maybe that accounts for it), but as soon as I walked into the house I could smell it on me... it's a very Sheba thing actually... and not unpleasant... just weird. Actually, it turns out that it was actually my hair... or at least I think it was... makes more sense anyway...

shave and a haircut, two bitsSo, seemingly in no time flat, it was time to take myself off into town to see Tink and "get my hair did"...

We won't discuss the fact that I seemed to get behind every slow driving, lane hogging, truck, bus and car on my way into town... or the fact that I had to do a whole big loop once I got into town since the carpark I originally tried to get into was flashing the "FULL" sign and had cars queuing up down the ramp. But eventually I got parked and got to the hairdressers, pretty much on time actually.

I'd actually been musing on what I was going to have done for a little while (since I booked the appointment probably)... and I knew I wanted something different... I don't really want to say "radically different"... since I don't think I could even come up with something anymore that was radically different from the hundred million billion trillion different things I've done with my hair over the years. It was, however, radically different from the last haircut I had... if only because we went lighter instead of darker.

My brief to Tink was "very short, and about three shades lighter than the haffundhaffundhaffundhaff colour we've done before"... so off she went to get the colour book and the style book and we kinda flicked through the style book and inbetween perving on some of the cute boys in the book we were pretty much on the same page (no pun intended) with the kind of style we were thinking of (although I'm not completely sure that my hair looks like any of them), and ended up picking out this colour that in the book pretty much just looked grey. But we both know from previous occasions how much red/warmth my hair throws when it's lightened, so I trusted Tink's instincts on it turning out the way I wanted it.

Which was a good trick, because technically I had NO idea what colour I actually wanted, other than "lighter"... and not "bleach blonde"...

In the end the whole style came out a little bit bootcamp, but that's possibly more about the way Tink styled it than the actual cut (or else my hair just does "bootcamp" when it's cut too short), and I'm sure after a little play around I'll find some way of wearing that that doesn't look quite so Village People "In the Navy"... Army... whatever. And the colour is "light"... in fact, the colour is actually what anybody in the sighted community would probably call blonde.

Like I said, technically I didn't want "blonde"... as in peroxide, really yellow and brassy blonde (or "bleached to within an inch of it's tiny life white blonde")... and that's not what I got... what I actually got was a really subtle and kinda natural looking colour... which is also, interestingly enough, almost EXACTLY the colour of my very blonde eyebrows (which probably helps it with the whole "looking natural" thing). So all in all I'm quite happy with the colour. We're going to run some even lighter (maybe white blonde, maybe just regular "fake" blonde) freehand streaks ("freehand" because my fat head is always too big for the stupid shower cap thing) through it just before Christmas... then who the hell knows what we're going to do before the Great Sydney Adventure... in theory I'll have grown this colour out by then... but we might have to do a reprise... since, you know, Sydney...

I always find it weird when you go in and have your hair coloured, although maybe this is just me... the fashion choices you made that morning with the darker (or, I guess, lighter... differently coloured anyway) hair initially seem quite odd with the new and improved hair colour. I have that thought a lot actually... maybe it's just because you've been wearing the black cape for so long (and maybe that's a way around it... just wear black, although it was WAY too hot for that today), the colour of whatever you're wearing comes as something of a surprise.

After I finally made it out of the carpark (I don't know what was going on... I must have hit some sort of mystical "3:30, lets all go home" time, because it took ages to just get out of the building), I swung past to see Stu and pick up my USB drive (FINALLY)... which was crammed full of various bits and pieces of music, which I've been enjoying while bashing this post out.

And that was pretty much my day... long, a little overheated, but with quite successful results.

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Tom Saturday, November 17, 2007 6:45:00 pm  

it tried making a bid for freedom as I was pulling out of the carpark and I gave it a helping flick...

You're so butch! I know who to call next time I get a big man-eating spider staring menacingly at me from my car! ;)

Tom Saturday, November 17, 2007 6:47:00 pm  

Actually scratch that butch comment. Just realised the entire rest of this post is about haircuts. I guess that cancels out the fearless spider flicking! :P

yani Sunday, November 18, 2007 6:16:00 am  

What? I can't be butch and flick spiders off my car AND have nice hair while I'm doing it? If it helps, my haircut is probably a little on the butch side... ;)

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