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Monday, November 26, 2007

assassins... do you think i could find a colour version of the poster? no, i could not!To quote Natalie from Charlie's Angels... "I love tickets!"...

I love tickets even more when said tickets are free!

As with the case of Pink's last album before it, the local gay paper, Blaze, does have it's uses beyond random local gay news and some generic scene photography.

In this particular case it's a free double pass to the somewhat odd sounding musical... "Assassins"...

"First performed in 1990, this will be the first time Assassins has been performed in South Australia following a recent Broadway production where it won five Tony Awards. It is a vaudevillian musical farce where eight assassins of US presidents meet at a sideshow shooting gallery. Contemporary political events, the cult of celebrity, and patriotism both here and in the US, come together in this shocking and funny production."
Usually I would have just emailed, but it said to call at 4pm, and I figured, hey, I can do that... so I did... at what my mobile assured me was 4pm... and I got the fax machine screaming in my ear. NOT HAPPY JAN! So I redialled... busy... redialed... busy... redialed... fax machine. I checked the number against the one in the front of the paper, yep, same number. Kept trying, kept getting either the fax or a busy signal (which I figured was just the fax trying to reset itself... or other people also getting the fax... in fact I was getting somewhat "faxed off" myself). So I decided to give up and email instead... but while typing I had the phone jammed between my head and my shoulder and kept redialing... and then suddenly I hear "Hello, Blaze Media"... WOOHOOO!

So now I have tickets. Well, I don't HAVE tickets... since they're not exactly sure if the tickets will be waiting at the box office to be picked up or if Blaze will get them and they'll have to be picked up from there. But the nice man has my number and will let me know.

Could said American presidential assassination themed musical be just plain old bad and wrong? Oh hell yes... but on the flip side it could be a whole lot of fun. Plus, you know... free.

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joe,  Tuesday, November 27, 2007 4:22:00 am  

"Assassins" by Stephen Sondheim is quite brilliant, actually. It has quite a bit of bizarre humor, and for those of us in the US, presented some history most probably don't know. I hope you enjoy it.

yani Tuesday, November 27, 2007 8:01:00 am  

Makes two of us! Although bizarre is good...

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