yellow walltriple yellow

More shots from Sidestreets and Alleyways (Rounds Two and Three if I remember correctly)... there are actually more than a few walls around town that are this lurid colour of yellow. I guess because it stands out.

It's too hot here to come up with actual words today, so you'll have to made do with the pretty.

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Michael said...

What is that shot on the right? Tres muted Mondrian.

yani said...

Yeah it is a bit Mondrian isn't it... I will admit that I had to look up what the hell that was... but as soon as I saw the Google image results I knew what you meant ;)

And what do YOU think it is? Hehehe

Actually it's the side of the architect's building that I featured last Wednesday... the "human space" building. I don't think I took the shot at an angle (honestly, I don't remember, but the pattern did repeat all along the side of the building)...


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