random bryan hotness

There's no grand story behind this week's Random Hotness... in fact, I'm not sure where I found these two shots (possibly they arrived in my email, I just can't remember)... but do you really need a reason with a white Calvin wearin, Abercrombie lovin, abstastic and tattooed guy like Bryan here?

I didn't think so either.

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Michael said...

He almost looks CGI. Like less lifelike than Beowulf, but no less totally fucking for it (as with Beowulf).

yani said...

I'm sure there was probably supposed to be a noun in that second sentence... ;)

And the CGIness could be my fault... I may have used the Photoshop "sharpen" filter on the shots on two seperate occasions.

Michael said...

Oops. I must have swallowed the noun. ::gulp::


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