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tribal templateI hadn't planned on doing any of this today...

But I spoke with a certain "gentleman friend" online this morning... okay not so much with the euphemisms... it was Slick Willy...

And before I knew it I was saying "I'm on my way over".

Luckily I threw my camera in the car with me, since I had half of a vague plan of coming home via a whole other suburb (which would actually have meant that I would have been going completely out of my way, but I've been intending to do it for ages) because just as I hit the city I got a SMS from Slick saying that his parents had just shown up and we'd have to cancel.

Well BUM!

But I was already out and about... and while I could have just turned around and come back home I figured I might as well make the most of already being out of the house, so I headed off on a little photo safari.

Funnily enough I was only actually headed like one suburb over from where I live, but I ended up coming at it from the complete opposite direction.

Anyway, the street in question has a ton of painted stobie poles and whatnot so what I ended up doing was driving to a certain point, getting out and wandering up and back a bit, then back in the car and driving further up.

I also managed to find a bunch of good quality pictorial graffiti too... some of that will pop up on Friday I'm sure.

But one of the stobie poles had this really cool quasi African tribal face on it... and since I wasn't sure if photos of it taken straight on would come out well (dark pole, bright background) I decided for whatever reason to get in close, take four individual shots and stitch them together later.

Then after all the graffiti I swung down a little side street and ended up wandering up and down taking a ton of shots of the little pink blossoms that seem to be out everywhere at the moment. Partly because I have this whole obsession with blossoms and bees (and they were crawling with bees), but also because Ma made mention of the blossoms the other week. I'm not completely sure how many of the fifty-something shots actually came out well... I only flicked through them quickly earlier.

So an hour and a half after I left the house I got back with a camera full of shots and sat down to go through them (and, seriously, I can't get a new desk chair soon enough!)... and got kind of distracted by the four shots of the tribal face.

I slapped them together with my panorama program, and looking at the long skinny image with it's majority of blue I suddenly thought that it would make a groovy blog template... especially because I've been looking for something in the blue family (seeing that I've already done green, pink and yellow... scary how the cut down images in each post just keep getting longer and longer).

Next thing I know I've been fudging around for a couple of hours turning the shot into a template.... and a template who's eyes will follow you around the room too...

And, no, for the record I haven't taken the computer apart yet...

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