short term contract

very short timeI would have said that it was the "shortest assignment EVER"... but I think I've actually worked shorter ones... not that I can remember when right now, but I'm sure there have been.

For the record I worked from 9 until 2, and had a half hour lunch break too... which, if I'd realised how short the assignment was going to actually be I would have skipped lunch.


Or, you know... not!

But now somebody new in that building loves and adores me. Okay, I'd met her before when I was working there full time, but I haven't temped for her before.

Originally I was supposed to be going in to work for this new area to tell them how much work there was that they needed me to do for them...

Confused yet? Gotta love the government!

It still feels like I can't escape that building... in some ways it doesn't feel like I've really "moved on" since I was working there full time... just around and around and around in circles...

blue - you'll be okay, but this sweater is ruinedAnyway... I did get some other stuff done while I was in town... firstly I legged it down to FINALLY see the Eddie Major photography exhibition.

The legging it part was nice actually... sunshine, city backstreets I don't normally go anywhere near, a chicken and veg pie for lunch (yeah, healthy I know)...

I am glad that I made it down to see the exhibition though, the size of the images on Eddie's website don't do them justice... they're appropriately HUGE and it just works for the shots. Sadly the pub in question had them hung a little too high for the most part, so you didn't quite get the full impact that you would have done if they'd been at eye level.

But then, given the space in question they couldn't have hung them any other way really.

Now that I've seen them full sized, I have to say that this shot "you'll be okay, but this sweater is ruined" is now my favourite... I already have an ongoing nipple thing, but with the blue water and the necklaces and whatnot... loving this one SICK right now (oh lord, somebody punch me for using the phrase "loving something sick"). If I had a spare $165 laying around I'd be tempted to get one of the limited edition prints (and, to be honest, an appropriate place to display said print).

Anybody want to buy me an early Christmas present? *wink*

Since I finished work so early I decided to call Stu and see if he was up for coffee... which he was... so we killed about an hour and a half talking garbage and whatnot... which was nice.

Then I decided to walk home. Actually I stopped off at a bunch of places... JB HiFi to look at DVDs (actually, to look for the Jerry Lewis DVDs I mentioned on Saturday), and then the comic shop on King William Street just because I keep meaning to go in there, and never get around to it. Nice... as small underground (literally, not figuratively) comic book stores go.

I'd already decided to walk home, then the bus showed up right when I was at the bus stop, but it was already pretty full and everybody was taking forever to get on... so it seemed like even more of a plan to walk home.

And that's about it really...

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