photo friday: water

water 2006weir 2006Another double Photo Friday post today... and obviously, this week I went with a whole water theme.

It's probably the Pisces in me (seeing as how water is my element and all... although only in Western Astrology... in Chinese Astrology it's wood... no jokes about getting wood thanks), but there's just something about shots of water just being water or flowing over things or through things or whatever that I really like.

The top image is actually real, live, actual water, even though it looks kind of like it's CGI or something (and incidentally, that's the main reason I love that shot, because it doesn't look real)... it's from my walk down along the River Torrens back in June.

The bottom shot is from the second Linear Park walk... granted, this shot might have been better with the light coming from the other direction so it was highlighting the water instead of, say, the boring concrete top, but really, whadyagunnado...

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1 comment:

Larry said...

I really liked these shots. Water is cool :)


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