photo friday: riverbank

riverbank 2006I said on Monday that I'd intended to go down along the Riverbank Promenade and take some shots for a Montage... well, I actually ended up doing it on Tuesday... I didn't want to get up Tuesday morning after my late night on Monday thanks to J coming over, so I ended up getting out of bed a little later, and by the time I was dragging myself outside for my walk it looked fairly sunny and nice (still freezing, but sunny none-the-less)... so I figured it was as good a day as any to stroll down to the river.

It was actually really pleasant... I saw ducks and black swans and a pelican... and took nearly 100 photos...

For the record, the big glass fronted building in the middle of the shot is the Adelaide Convention Centre, and the tall tan coloured building on the left is the Hyatt...

Fuck a duck... that the FOURTH phonecall I've had so far today... well, technically the fifth, but two were from J... and from someone who can sometimes go for several days without getting phonecalls from four different people, thats pretty special.

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Bodhi said...

"Fuck a duck"

That little saying brought back memories and made me laugh out loud. Let me explain, m'kay.

When I was married, that was one of many little saying my ex used to say that always amused me no end. When our daughter then came onto the scene and got a little older, she cleaned it up a bit and started saying "fire truck a duck".

One day, she was having a bad day of it. I can't even remember what it was over now. But I suggested that it was MDF. Later on, curiosity getting the better of her (I knew it would) she asked me what MDF was ...

"Multiple Duck Fuck".

She was nearly crying, she laughed so much. As did I.

Ahh, the sweet and sentimental things one remembers about marriage ... anyhoo, thanks for that charming and ever so memorable trip down memory lane, Yani.

Tom said...

I said "fuck-a-doodle-do" out loud at work the other day and got some seriously odd looks! I'll have to remember Fuck a Duck!

PS - just noticed you've added me to your blogroll - thanks :D


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