belief system

Your belief system is best suited to religions that value open mindedness

belief systemHow do we know? While you were taking this test, we compared your religious beliefs against 10 of the world's most common religions. Your score shows that you share core beliefs with religions that encourage you to find your own spiritual path.

You are attracted to a religion that tolerates mixed beliefs about the existence of God and upholds the idea that there is something to be learned from every religion. You are open to a wide variety of religious and spiritual ideas. You are attracted to spiritual groups that are composed of typically open-minded and intellectual people who actively engage in individual exploration of many different spiritual truths.

The Religion Test

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kevin said...

Hey mate,
Just discovered your blog. I like it. I will return again.
Kev in NZ.

Tom said...


The "What do you do when someone is running for the lift" question amused me. Normally I try to do the right thing but have a moment of dyslexic incompetence trying to work out which symbol means "Open" and which "Close" and sometimes end up rudely pressing the wrong one!


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