national cuddle day

cuddle dayI'm sure it's just some grand scheme to sell more washing powder, but the nice folks at Cold Power have decided that today is National Cuddle Day!

Since I'm always up for a cuddle, it's definitely a day I could enjoy celebrating.

I gotta say though, the official NCD website is a little scary.... not only the ability to send Virtual Cuddles and the whole section on Cuddle Types (according to the website there are four different types of cuddle... who knew)... but also the results from the "Cuddle Survey"...
  • Men are less likely to cuddle either their pets or their friends, but given the choice would prefer to cuddle their pets (44%) over their friends (30%).
  • 18% of men like to cuddle a teddy or pillow.
  • 81% of men are not turned off a cuddle from someone wearing smelly clothes.
  • 97% of men and women surveyed agreed a cuddle makes them happy.
  • The vast majority of 25-44 year olds (90%) agree that having a cuddle makes them feel better about themselves.
  • 74% of men said make them feel safe.
  • 69% of people living outside the metropolitan cities give more than a cuddle a day compared with only 58% of those whom live in the major capital cities.
  • 63% of city dwellers said their partner or family should give them more cuddles.
Some interesting stats, no? (Even if they did only come from 381 respondents aged 25-44...)

But on the plus side, Cold Power is donating money to The Smith Family to help support disadvantaged children and their families.

And for the record, that image isn't something officially NCD produced, it's something I whipped up to celebrate the good old man-on-man cuddle.

So what are you waiting for... go and give somebody a cuddle!

Or come here and let me give you one...

Current Mood: cuddles for everyone

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Not so Single Guy said...

hey mate..happy cuddle day. I think the world would be a better place with more cuddling.


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