low-key saturday with art

shopping + artToday has been a fairly low-key, if initially confused, kind of day...

The confusion came from the fact that a) Ma was having her hair cut and coloured this morning which, obviously, takes longer, b) since I had my car serviced last week it's made an odd noise, c) Ma had her car serviced during the week, told them about the noise of my car and said I would take it in, d) when I got in my car this morning, the noise appeared to stop.

Following all that?

So I had to drop the car off at the garage, he said he'd look at it, and I went shopping.

Which isn't a great plan... shopping... theoretically without a car, and with Ma coming down almost two hours later.

I was a little bit of a cranky pants camper... but I was able to squish some locusts on my way to the supermarket, so that made me feel better... horribly little jumpy flying twitchy fuckers...

However, I did my shopping (or the light version of it anyway, just in case), went back over and it turned out he couldn't find anything wrong with it.

So crisis averted.

However, as I drove it back around to the supermarket to get a couple of other things it started making it again. Turns out that my initial suspicion was correct... it's something to do with the air-conditioning... but only really when it's on high, which is why it didn't really make the noise this morning... I'd discounted that as an option since it kept happening when the air-con was switched off (but only after it had been on, which should have been a clue).

Which means that I will have to go back, but it's not life-threatening, so it can wait a bit.

*big overly dramatic sigh*

Anyway, I got home just fine, and had enough time to sort myself out before Ma got here.

I really need to start taking her to Tink instead of her hairdresser... he might be able to cut hair, but he can't colour it for shit... not helped by the fact that Ma was wearing pink (and obviously I'm using Twitter too much because I wanted to put "#clashingcolours" at the end of that statement)...

Initially we were thinking about going to Marion... but really there isn't anything either of us really wanted, so it would have been a lot of wandering around aimlessly and looking in the same shops we always look in for no real reward... so instead we decided to hit the West End of the city and take in some visual arts.

Unfortunately it perhaps wasn't as successful a journey as we may have liked, but it worked out okay.

First stop was the Paper String Plastic gallery, so that Ma could take a look at the 100Bucks&Runnin exhibition and I could see if any of the decent ones were still for sale (and take a few more pictures while I'll post when I have more time). Sadly, nothing that appealed was still available, but like I said on Wednesday, I wasn't that enamoured with any of them besides the Gary Seaman piece.

I think that the gallery had only just opened when we got there, and the guy that owns/runs it came over to talk to us... actually he ended up talking to us for a good long while and showing us a bunch of artworks and just generally talking crap about art.

It was all very pleasant and it's always nice to talk about art, even if you're essentially making shit up as you go.

I may have to go back and take the photographs I initially did for another purpose and see if he's interested in using/displaying/selling them since I now have the beginnings of a relationship there...

Hmmmm... interesting...

Anyway... once we were done there we wandered further along Hindley Street to see if the Magazine Gallery was open, but alas they were not... and then everything became a bit hit and miss.

We headed around to the Mechanical Workshop on Waymouth Street to see the artwork stitched into the door... I saw it a few weeks back and it's looking much more impressive now (again, photos later when I have more time).

We were planning to head around to Gouger Street and see the StARTing Point exhibition... but trying to get a park on Gouger Street on a Saturday morning... yeah, right.

Then we thought that we might stop off and take a look at the Sketching North Terrace event that started today... except for the fact that it started today, so we really couldn't see any evidence of it as we drove down North Terrace... maybe next weekend will be a better time to take a look at it.

So we decided to give up on art and culture and head down to Arndale for some crass commercialism.

Oh, and some food.

Which we did... and I bought socks... which is about the most exciting thing we did down there. But at least it was cool and out of the sunshine, so it was nice enough for that reason alone.

And that was about it really. Now I'm just psyching myself up for a night at The Garden of Unearthly Delights... and charging my iPhone since the fucking thing is nearly out of juice and I forgot to plug it in before... dammit.

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