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shuffleIt's been an exceedingly meeting heavy and Apple orientated day at work today...

We had a meeting at 9:30 which took up most of the morning, then a staff meeting at 2 which took up another hour.

And inbetween there was lots of Apple related discussions... especially because the iPads arrived and I gave a couple of people crash courses in iDevice 101. I'm not sure if it makes me want one more or less though, seeing them really up close and whatnot... I'm still undecided, although I'm interested to see what the iPad 2 has in the way of new features.

H-San, Rockchick and I also got into a discussion about the relative merits of Apple products, which was interesting if only because we were coming from three different positions. H-San is an Apple fan from way back even though he only uses PCs these days... Rockchick isn't a fan at all... and I'm in the middle, I see the upside and the downside, even though my iExperience has been mostly positive.

Other than that, I'm a little tired after the last two days worth of Double Fringe Shows... I will admit, it hasn't really been the shows themselves that tire me out, but the fact that I end up staying up until quite late writing up my reviews.

And then getting up quite early to go to the gym!

Contrary to my prediction earlier in the week, I can actually raise my arms over my head, although I officially hate the step/summit machine... poxy fucking thing. I still haven't been able to complete one of the sets of weights exercises in my program though... I manage the first two sets just fine, but I can't make it through the third set.

I'm also really bad at present at remembering the number of reps I'm supposed to do on things. Partly that's because it's 12/11/12 on three different machines, and I keep forgetting or just doing 10 or something. Possibly I need to just pick a number for all three and go with that, or drop them all down to 10 or something, trainer be damned.

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