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I'm going to be so sore come Friday... sore and tired... and sore. Did I mention sore? Turns out that while my Mon/Wed/Fri arms workout isn't that arduous while I'm doing it, between that and sit ups, I'm a sore little puppy at present.

And I got a bit of a surprise at work this morning... a strange text message from an unknown number saying "good to see you in and working hard"... I had no idea who it could be from, thinking that it was somehow work related... turns out it was from the trainer who did my program for me yesterday (I need a nickname for her, but nothing seems quite right yet)... I saw her on the way out today (enough to wave at as we went our separate ways) and I'm supposed to leave my workout card thing in her tray so she can keep tabs...

Not really sure what the hell that's all about... but I appreciated the text message, even if it was totally out of the blue...

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Maroon :: Five (shoot me for this one, somebody, please...)
  2. Save :: Cash
  3. Smithereens :: Smashed
  4. Conversation :: One-sided
  5. Visual :: Art
  6. Experience :: Sexual
  7. Steady :: Ready
  8. Wives :: Stepford
  9. Glass :: Menagerie
  10. String :: Ball
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