now i have a workout plan

three sets, twelve repsOddly enough, it's easy to forget when stuff is supposed to be difficult, especially when you haven't done it for a big chunk of time.

And so it was today when I went in to get my "induction" at the gym. I also realised that if given the opportunity, I will just chatter on about myself for a good chunk of time! Possibly because I don't really get that opportunity in a face-to-face kind of way that often... plus the female trainer was very nice.

Once we'd gone through all the induction part, she took me through to devise a workout...

That's when I forgot that that shit is supposed to be hard work! And of course she commanded that I must use the one machine I told her I found it really hard to use. Evil wench!

But come Monday I now have to remember to switch between cardio and weights... and various machines... and crunches... I forgot how much I hate crunches... especially ones that are done using a medicine ball!

Surely there should be an iPhone app for this shit though... not the actual doing of the exercises, but to keep track of shit so I know what I'm supposed to be doing.

Any suggestions?

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