rundle central with chrome sphere sphere and gull
Two spheres... one open at the beach, the other is polished stainless steel and an Adelaide institution... taken a week apart but with surprisingly similar composition.

It's shaping up to be something of an intense week... there's work piling up on top of work at The Nut House, I have stuff to prepare for that currently terrifies me (and I imagine will continue to do so right up to the point where it's all over)... and the end of this week marks the beginning of Adventures At The Fringe... when you add that all up, it looks like it's not going to get any easier before my birthday in the middle of March. So, a month's worth of insanity... this could get messy.

April can't come soon enough to be honest!

I had a phone call from the Fringe people yesterday thought telling me that one of the shows has been cancelled... not just that particular show, but the entire run! I have no idea why, but it's a trifle disappointing. I need to work out now whether or not to try and book something else for the same day, a different day, or just get my money back.

The gymming continues... this morning I rocked up just before the doors opened and waited around with a handful of other people... only to find once I stepped onto the treadmill that I'd managed to put my teeshirt on inside out. Embarrassment! Still sweating like a pig... but I'm assuming that's a good thing.

I'm also starting to feel it through my legs and thighs... but this morning was a solid 45 minutes on the treadmill, so I'd kind of expect that. I was very slow when I headed off to the bus stop this morning though. Still haven't sorted myself out as far as a schedule goes... I'm just kind of playing it by ear for this week anyway until I have my "induction" on Sunday.

I've also passed on chocolate twice this week... only at work you understand... there's such a thing as too much self control!

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