photo friday: substitutes for joy

cs lewis window quoteSpotted in Light Square on my wanderings last Sunday... I'm guessing that the reason the window looks a little smudgy is that the saying gets changed on a regular basis... so it may be worth wandering past again.

I'm not sure how well my Intymen underwear is going to work out... I don't mind the way the front fits, although there is the possibility of spillage... and the thong version is quite comfortable... but I was originally going to wear the trunks this morning. I even tried them on...

Now, I have something of a badonkadonk going on, although possibly not excessively so... but these things are just tiny in the back... like TINY... so I'll have to see... shame really.

My other parcel from yesterday was somewhat more successful... Kuso Vinyl's Fahrenheit... Bigger than I was expecting (as was the massive box it came in)... but awesome.

I made a vague reference yesterday to having a plan forming since I'm working until next December (barring unseen catastrophe)... which was to potentially join the gym again (after about a hundred billion years). What annoys me though, is when I swung past yesterday just to find out if they details of prices or whatever, the bimbo behind the counter tell me that they don't have that information because it "changes all the time".

Really bitch? Your customers don't know what they're paying from one week to the next? And if that's the case, why does your website list the prices as being the same for all the SA stores?

No, you just want people to come in and talk to somebody on staff because you know that people are more likely to sign up if they're put on the spot.

Also, when did gyms become so fucking expensive? Possibly because so they can afford to have an iPhone timetable app... which I'll admit, I'd probably use.

But it's all Bodyattack and Bodypump and RPM and Pilates... I just want like a circuit class, like I used to do back in the dim dark ages...

So I don't know... I'm very conflicted. The gym in question is very close to my house, they open at 6am, so I could go there in the morning instead of my walk... there are classes every morning at 6:15 except Mondays, plus maybe I could pick up a class in the evening or on weekends if I felt like it...

I'm conflicted... it's a good plan, but it's also an expensive one... and I'm cheap! We'll see... I'll have to go in and take a look around now that I know what to expect price-wise. But I have to do something, all of my clothes are shrinking!

I watched Youth in Revolt for the first time last night and fell in love with Michael Cera just a little bit more... although possibly more with his blue eyed alter-ego Francois Dillinger.

And I hate that I'll help you make your point even though I strongly disagree with everything about it.

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