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Well, my day kinda improved from yesterday... I took my camera in to Camera House on Grenfell Street at lunchtime and the woman in the shop took it and popped the lens assembly back into place. Scary, but it's not like she was actually going to make it any worse even if she had snapped the lens off...

On the downside, I felt like a big heifer all day...

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Trash :: Trailer
  2. Abs :: Non-existent
  3. Dating :: The Undiscovered Country
  4. Hooked :: On Classics
  5. Face :: Lift
  6. Algebra :: Pointless
  7. Reading :: Something I don't do as much as I used to
  8. Horrendous :: Neighbours
  9. Looks :: Could kill
  10. Python :: Slytherin
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