photo friday: raindrops

green drops, sydney orange drops, sydney
The weather today made me think of these two photos from Sydney...

I've had what is best described as a hell of a morning, so much so that I choose to gloss over the majority of it... actually, all of it from about 10am until about noon...

In other news that has nothing to do with that period of time:
  • It's the Fringe Parade this evening!
  • It has been raining fairly consistently since before 6 o'clock this morning.
  • These two facts really should be mutually exclusive... usually around this time of year the crowd and performers sweat their way though the parade... but not this time.
  • Oh, wait... news just to hand... no more parade. And you know that means the rain will stop right about the time the parade was due to start, right?
  • I'm off to my first Fringe show tonight, Talking Poofy (woohoo)... so begins about three weeks of insanity.
  • Going to lunch at 1pm always makes 4pm come that much quicker, especially when you go to lunch until 2pm.
  • I bought more figs... I ate the first fresh fig I've ever eaten yesterday... and it was nice... but I also saw something online about eating them with fetta and prosciutto... sounds very tasty.
  • Something iPhone apps are a wonderful conversation starter... this slightly albino homosexualist (it shouldn't be attractive, but it kind of is) got in the lift with me when I got back from lunch and I was able to comment about his playing of Angry Birds (since he was).
  • I'm making pizza...
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