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talking poofyFirstly, I didn't realise I raised my hand in a homosexual manner until I was asked to do so by Adam Richard, Scott Brennan and Wes Snelling. And they pointed it out to everyone...

Second, I now officially have a full on man-crush (do you have to preface it with "man" if both you and the object of your crush are gay?) on Scott Brennan (my crush on Adam Richard continues unabated).

And lastly, just like when I went to see Adam perform solo in 2009, I had tears running down my face during the show and I now have a post-laughing headache!

Thus was the shorthand version of my excursion to the land of Talking Poofy tonight.

The longer version goes something like this...

Unfortunately, the venue, The Rhino Room, is on my venue "shit list" (which I only just invented this minute)... when your bar is also your waiting area and is full of seemingly drunk people having very loud and pointless conversations, turn down your fucking music so that they don't have to scream even louder over the top of music that nobody can hear anyway, and cares about even less.


I've been an avid fan of the Talking Poofy podcast for a while now (although I discovered it a bit late, I had the added bonus of being able to listen to episode after episode until I caught up), and although all three regular cast members couldn't be here for the live show, my two favourites (Adam and Scott) were (sorry Toby)... and Wes Snelling (wearing, of all things, King Gee shorts) was a very able replacement.

I don't know what it is about Adam Richard that makes me laugh so hard... I think it's his giggle... it's not a clean giggle, not by any stretch of the imagination, and once he starts, it starts me off.... and before you know it I'm essentially crying with laughter. But all three poofs had me pretty much in stitches.

I had heard some of the material before as various bits were familiar from episodes of the podcast (but they didn't feel stale even though I'd heard versions of them before), and other parts were completely new... like the PowerPoint presentation... and the fact that Adam is surprisingly strong, and Scott is surprisingly limber!

And once again, Adam Richard's singing amazes me!

One of the downsides was that the members of the audience called upon for a little participation were a little uncooperative...

But I had a most fabulous time! A very enthusiastic thumbs up!

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