liking the tree doily

like it like doily tree
I don't know if it's exactly yarn bombing if you tie a doily to a tree, but it's very cool... I'll refrain from trying to make a reference to the other image...

It's been a busy yet weird day... busy, weird, sweaty.... but unfortunately not for any of the good reasons, it's just been stupidly humid (in fact, I'd almost go so far as to say that it was worse today than it was yesterday when it was 42... at least it was a dry heat and there was some wind... the humidity can suck my sweaty balls) and the air-conditioning at work stopped working for a while after lunch.

Actually it's been a bad day for technology and the like... we gave a presentation this morning and couldn't get an internet connection in the room we were in until the very last minute... Optus's 3G network has crashed the last two days... not that I had time to fiddle with my phone much today.

I also need to stop buying things I don't really need over the internet... cool stuff that will hopefully be awesome... but not stuff that's essential by any stretch of the imagination.

There's other stuff rattling around in my head, but my brain won't form it into coherent statements, or else it's just me whinging about some shit and since I want to slap one of the girls at work upside the head for continually whinging about pointless shit, I will refrain.

Oh, but Happy Birthday to Fellated Pete, my "best friend" in high school... I don't normally remember his birthday, but for some reason he was on my mind a bit today. Him and that slightly undersized but beautiful "straight and now married with children" circumcised cock... sorry, digressing...

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Victor said...

'Fellated' Pete? Lucky man.


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